Life after Adultery is T. Pearl Joynz's first series of books. She was inspired to pen her new found emotions and was encouraged to share them with the world in order to end the silence of what can be considered an unfortunate epidemic....adultery! She is shining a light on what many try to hide in the hopes of pointing people toward the cross of Calvary where hope, healing and forgiveness is found!

She is a gifted leader, speaker, poet, dancer and now officially a published author. She is retired from the U.S. Air Force after serving 21 years. She is a former Christian radio show host, the leader of her church’s dance and drama ministry, and frequently speaks at church events. She serves as a chief administrator and teaches leadership courses. She is completing her PHD in Education with an emphasis in training.


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Featured Author: T. Pearl Joynz

Release dates:

October 31, 2015        "The Shattering"

February 12, 2016           "The Sifting"

May 16,  2016           "The New Beginning"